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Our Philosophy

In Little League Baseball and Softball programs, everyone gets to play and participate regardless of skill level.  There are no "tryouts" or "cuts". Founded by Carl Stotz in 1939, Little League was started to provide a wholesome baseball program for children and to teach them the ideals of fair play, sportsmanship, and teamwork.Today, Southside Little League carries on this tradition, offering programs for girls and boys ages 4 through 14, with additional opportunities through our partner program at Eastside Little League for older players.  

The "Southside Philosophy" contains five key points: 

1.  Have Fun!  Our job as coaches and administrators is to keep things active and engaging for players.  We know that fun is the #1 reason kids play sports.  We encourage them to smile and remember that sports are first and foremost about having fun. 

2.  Work Hard!  Practice is an important time for developing skills and learning more about baseball and softball.  Giving your best effort is key.  We emphasize a "Mastery Approach" to coaching that emphasizes hard work and keeping players focused on self-improvement from practice to practice and game to game. 

3.  Mistakes are OK!  Mistakes are part of any sport knowing that mistakes are okay can help players feel like there is room to take risks and try their hardest.  This is particularly important in baseball and softball, where players who succeed 3 times out of 10 are called "All-Stars".  We emphasize the importance of bouncing back after making a mistake and coming back ready to make the next play. 

4.  Pick each other up!  An important part of our program is emphasizing the need for players to support each other.  We tell our players "we pick each other up and we don't put people down".  We are here to learn that being a good teammate is about supporting each other and helping players around you to feel confident and ready to play. 

5.  Honor the game!  Baseball and softball are beautiful sports that offer the most fun and enjoyment for all when we work together to honor the game.  We do this through emphasizing respect for the Rules, Officials, Opponents, Teammates, and Self (ROOTS) in all that we do.

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